ALO has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the agricultural industry since it was founded in 1949. ALO develops and manufactures front-end loaders under the brands Quicke® and Trima®.

As a leading manufacturer of front-end loaders, ALO constantly has it’s eye on the ever developing world tractor market. ALO therefore decided it was more sensible to keep their R&D organisation separate from their factory operations. This concentrated development has paid dividends in recent years with some of the technical innovations now on offer, such as parallel linkage, load-dampening and the specially-developed valve program (LCS).

These advancements enhance end user experience and really allow for “total” control over the machine.

As well as front loaders, ALO offer a wide range of implements to attach. Their Original Implements range guarantees the best fit, quality and performance from your Quicke® or Trima® loader.