McHale was established by the McHale brothers in the nineteen-eighties. In the early years they specialised in the production of round and square bale wrappers.

Since then however, McHale has expanded at a rapid rate. They now export to over forty countries on five different continents. Over ninety percent of the machines that McHale now manufacture are designed for the export market.

Round and square bale wrappers are still a huge part of the McHale brand but they are now known globally for each piece of machinery.

Some of the farm machinery in the McHale range are:

  • Integrated Baler Wrappers
  • Fixed & Variable Chamber Round Balers
  • Round & Square Bale Wrappers
  • Straw Blowers
  • Rakes
  • Front & Rear Mowers

We would be more than happy to go through any of the McHale products with you. Please get in touch to see what we currently have in stock.