With over thirty-five years of experience in farming and manufacture of agricultural machinery, the knowledge behind Mzuri is clear to see. The Mzuri strip tillage system was first tested and proven on Mzuri’s own farm and is now deployed by many customers worldwide.

Mzuri are probably best known for their innovative strip tillage systems. To explain briefly the Mzuri strip tillage is a means of sustainable intensive farming that only involves the tillage of a targeted area, whilst leaving crop residue on the surface, retaining moisture, organic matter and vastly increasing worm activity and fertility.

The main machines which make up the Mzuri range are as follows:

  • Mzuri Pro-Till Drill
  • Mzuri Pro-Till Select Drill
  • Mzuri Pro-Till Xzact Drill
  • Mzuri Rezult Rake
  • Mzuri Rehab Subsoiler

For more information about Mzuri and the great benefits that their machinery offers please get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss in more detail with you.