HE-VA 300 (Combi-Disc Cultivator) Mounted

HE-VA 300 (Combi-Disc Cultivator) Mounted

The HE-VA Combi-Disc is a multipurpose cultivator designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass.

The compact mounted 3 metre version can be used on tractors from 170 hp upwards whilst the 4.25 metre and 5.25 metre trailed units are capable of being used on tractors up to 450 hp.

The Combi-Disc provides versatility for smaller farms by being able to perform a number of different jobs from primary to secondary cultivation and from sub-soiling to shallow disc cultivating.

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HE-VA 300 - Mounted Combi Disc Specification
Working width 2.75 m
Transport width 3 m
Legs 5
No of Discs 22
Roller Diameter 600mm
HP Requirement 170-240 hp
Weight 3420 kg
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