KRM Bredal Spreaders (F8/F10)

KRM Bredal Spreaders (F8/F10)

The F8 has a capacity of 5700 litres or approx. 6 tonnes of fertiliser, this can be increased to 7600 litres with a hopper extension. If greater capacity is required the F10 has a standard capacity of 7600 litres which can be extended to 9600 litres approx. 10 tonnes.

ISOBUS and Section Control come as standard on this machine designed specifically for fertiliser. The F Series features independently controlled twin floor belts and the flow of fertiliser on to the disc’s is controlled by independently adjustable down-shutes.

Bredal F8 and F10 hoppers can also be supplied for mounting on self propelled vehicles.

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Options for Bredal Spreaders
Tilt Sensor
Weigh Cells
Hydraulic Floor Belt Drive
Electric Drop Point Control
Alternative Models

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