Marshall Flat/Bale Trailer - BC/25-12

Marshall Flat/Bale Trailer – BC/25-12


The Marshall BC/25 – 12 ton model is an extremely heavy-duty trailer, which benefits from a hugely over-engineered chassis and improved running gear.

The strength of the trailer is further enhanced by heavy-duty channels forming a square chassis that extends the length of the trailer and also reduces flexing when loading the trailer.

The BC/25 – 12 tonne is build to last, with a robust chassis and upgraded running gear to ensure customers won’t be disappointed.

  • 6mm folded side rails complete with 5/8″ rope hooks and dedicated ratchet strap points.
  • Rigid 21” fixed headboard.
  • Rolled channel, square design chassis (eliminates material wear).


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Standard Tyres: 400-60R x 22.5
Axles: 80mm 8 Stud Tandem Axle
Body: 25' x 8' 4"
Capacity: 12 tonne
Floor: Durabar non-slip floor
Harvest Ladders: Yes
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