Marshall Silage/Grain Trailer - QM/11

Marshall Silage/Grain Trailer – QM/11

The Marshall QM/11 is Marshall’s most popular model due to the combination of its heavy duty design, carrying capacity and ease of operation. The body is constructed with 3.5mm sides and a 5mm flat floor.

The chassis is formed from a 6mm sheet welded over a heavy-duty channel, providing immense strength and simultaneously allowing the chassis to flex. Some of the key features of Marshall Trailers are:

  • Large cubic capacity (enabling the user to not only carry but to hold stated weight).
  • Flat floors (no open pressed sections that allow water to prematurely rust out joints).
  • Full in line and side loading silage panels as standard with silage kit.
  • Precision chrome rams
  • Unique design chassis combines unmatched strength and stability


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Standard Tyres: 400-60R x 22.5
Axles: 80mm 8 Stud Tandem
Tapered Body: 16' x 7' 9" - 8' x 4'
Capacity: 11 tonnes
Front Inspection Ladder: Yes
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