Maschio TIGRE - Flail Mower

Maschio TIGRE – Flail Mower

The Tigre Flail Mower is a heavy duty model, designed for use on small to medium sized agricultural tractors from fifty-five  to one-hundred and forty hp and is typically used for amenity and agricultural applications.

The Tigre Flail Mower is suitable for cutting grass, crop residues, cornstalks and shredding branches or twigs.

It comes as standard with, hydraulic offset, multiple toothed transmission belts (5) and height adjustable rear roller.

Maschio offers the Tigre flail mower in sizes starting at 2.1 metres to 3 metres.

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Maschio Tigre Main Features: Cat II
Hydraulic Offset
6 Spline PTO
Single Speed 540 rpm Gearbox With Freewheel
5 Transmission Belts With External Adjustment
Hammer Flails
Double Toothed Lower Counter Blade
Steel Front Safety Flaps
Height Adjustable Rear Roller
Double Skin Frame
Alternative Models

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