McHale Pro Glide - R3100 Rear Mower

McHale Pro Glide – R3100 Rear Mower

McHale are introducing the new McHale Pro Glide R3100 to its Pro Glide range of mowers. To achieve the maximum performance and results from a rear mower, the cutter bar and mower suspension work together to deliver uncontaminated forage.

The Pro Glide range of rear mowers are fitted with patented ground adaption technology, which allows the bed to move back and up if the bed encounters small obstacles.

The Pro Glide rear suspension springs react instantly to ground contours, which results in a high quality cut even when working at high ground speeds.

  • Superior floatation.
  • Constant cutter bar ground pressure.
  • Clean uniform swath.
  • Self adjusting cutter bar angle.

On the Pro Glide rear mowers, the cutter bar ground pressure can be set from the tractor cab.

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Cutting Width 3.0 m (118”)
Number of Cutting Discs 7
Total Number of Blades 14 (2 Blades per Disc)
Cutting Height 25 mm – 75 mm
Conditioner Type Steel Tine Conditioner
Minimum Power Requirement 80 Horsepower
Transport Width 2.2 m (87”)
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