Mzuri Pro-Til Select (Single Pass Drill)

Mzuri Pro-Til Select (Single Pass Drill)

As well as all the benefits of a standard Mzuri PRO-TIL drill, the Mzuri PRO-TIL Select series can drill in a choice of narrower or wider row spacing’s.

Not only does a bigger inter-row spacing allow the crops to meet their nutrient demand and produce a stronger root system, it also awards better light interception from the top of the canopy all the way down to the base of the stem. This, in return, results in a healthier, bushier and higher-yielding crop.

The additional width of the inter-row, coupled with a high clearance of the tine legs, enable users to work with huge amounts of surface residue which allows to improve soil condition.

  • Auto reset front tines.
  • Variable seed metering unit.
  • Adjustable pressure harrow – hydraulically operated.
  • Fully integrated drill management system.
  • A choice of seeding widths with the Select series.
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Example specification for Pro-Til 6 T Select*
Working width: 6 metres
Transport width: 2.95 metres
Dual hopper capacity: 4300 litres
Row spacing: 35.3cm or 70.6cm
No. of coulters: 17
Tractor power requirement: 300+ horsepower
Working speed: 6-15 km/h
Style: Trailed
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