Mzuri Rehab - Low Surface Disturbance Subsoiler

Mzuri Rehab – Low Surface Disturbance Subsoiler

The REHAB is a specially designed low surface disturbance subsoiler – it increases available oxygen and nutrients to promote quick root development and a healthy plant.

The winged points provide maximum soil shatter combined with a deep cutting disc to ensure minimum surface disturbance and better moisture retention. By loosening lower down the soil profile, water infiltration is improved and vigorous growth is encouraged by deep rooting of the plant. The soil is better aerated and warms rapidly in the spring.

The REHAB subsoiler is available with an option of a seeder unit – ideal for drilling oil seed rape and cover crops. The individual coulters give an accurate sowing depth into a friable seedbed; this provides the ideal soil environment for each seed, ensuring rapid and even germination.

The seeder attachment is easily attached and removed within a few minutes by simply removing 3 hitching pins.

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Working width: 3 metres
Number of coulters: 5
Coulter spacing: 600mm
Coulter working depth: 0-120mm
Optimum working speed: 6-10 km/h
Tractor power requirement 150-300 horsepower
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