NC Vacuum Slurry Tanker - Tandem Axle

NC Vacuum Slurry Tanker – Tandem Axle

NC Engineering offer a range of Tandem axle vacuum tankers to suit all types of farms ranging in size from 10,125 litres to 20,250 litres.

Some of the basic features with NC’s Tandem Axle Vacuum Slurry Tanker are:

  • 24” Galvanised hinged rear access dome.
  • Four outlets, one quick attach fitted and all blanking plates galvanised.
  • One outlet with 2” gate valve to suit wash hose.
  • Tank in 6mm steel c/w anti collapse rings.
  • 4.5 metre suction hose standard up to 1850 gallon above 6 metre standard.
  • Hydraulic brakes standard.
  • Sight glass front and rear
  • Galvanised suction hose hanger brackets (on one side)
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Specification for Tandem Axle Tanker (Cut in wheel arches)
Tanker Size: 4000
Dome: 78"
Barrel Length: 5800mm
Tanker Width: 2800mm
Overall Height: 3.4 metres
Overall Length: 9 metres
Sprung Drawbar Yes
Vac Pump: 13,500 litre
Access Hatch: 24"
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