Opico Diesel Grain Dryers

Opico Diesel Grain Dryers

Easy to install and relocate when necessary, OPICO Diesel Grain Dryers do not require vast expenditure on handling equipment and our Diesel Grain Dryers can dry up to 480 tons per day automatically, with minimal supervision.

All OPICO Magna Grain Dryers are fueled by diesel which is of course readily available on most farms, however with a simple change to the Fuel/Air mix and the nozzles Kerosene can also be used. The on board tank provides for a considerable amount of drying if required but, as is often the case, this can be bypassed and the Dryer supplied from a larger tank if necessary.

The unique Duax Heat Core builds up and retains heat to moderate the burner temperature as the burner switches from high to low flame. This clever system ensures an accurate and constant heat and makes the Magna one of the cleanest and most efficient diesel dryers on the market.

There is a vast range of grain dryers to suit each individual need. It wouldn’t be possible to list all of the variations/options available to you on our website. If an OPICO grain dryer is something you wish to learn more about, please call our sales department. We would be happy to run through specifications in more detail with you.

The specification below is purely an example of a specific OPICO grain dryer.

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Specification for a 2910QF Auto - QUIET FAN DRYER*
Drying capacity (21-16%)* 14 t/hr
Holding capacity: 29t - 37m³
Height - working position / Sky-Vac 6.1m (20’) / 7.14m (23’6”)
Vertical auger size 450mm (17¾”)
Loading auger size 300mm (11¾”)
Recirculating time 145 t/hr (12 min)
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