Quicke X-Series Front Loader

Quicke X-Series Front Loader

The X-Series range of front loaders from Quicke is seen as the optimum range for tractors up to one-hundred and twenty horsepower. With the X-series, Quicke are offering you yet another first class alternative for small to medium-sized tractors.

This series of front loaders combines design, performance and economy in a unique manner – so that your route to profitability will be as easy as possible.

The X-Series range from Quicke have different models and options available with them. Similar to the Q-Series from Quicke they come in self-levelling and non-self levelling variants.

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Horsepower Loader models
30-60 horsepower X1 | X1S
40-70 horsepower X2 | X2S
50-80 horsepower X3 | X3S
60-100 horsepower X4 | X4S
70-120 horsepower X5 | X5S
Alternative Models

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