Strautmann Super-Vitesse CFS - Forage Wagon

Strautmann Super-Vitesse CFS – Forage Wagon

The Super-Vitesse CFS excels by its excellent cutting quality. The conveying assembly with the double-cut cutting unit, equipped with 39 knives, offers the best prerequisite for optimum fodder quality.

Due to its performance, the Super-Vitesse CFS represents a perfect solution for professional dairy farms, machinery cooperatives, and even some contractors. Given high energy costs, this forage wagon is able to gain a significant advantage compared to other harvesting methods.

Strautmann forage wagons have a lower drag resistance than those of the competitors. “CFS” still increases this advantage as our years of experience have shown. It is the continuous material flow, “Continuous Flow”, which makes the difference.

  • Loading capacity according to DIN of 29 & 33 m³.
  • CFS accelerator drum.
  • Spiral rotor.
  • 39-knife cutting unit.
  • Power required from 120 horsepower.
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Specification for Super-Vitesse CFS 3502
Length (without/with dosing unit) 9.60 / 10.25 metres
Loading volume acc. to DIN 11741 33 m³
Loading volume (medium compressed) 57.8 m³
Tractor Power requirement 130 horsepower
Dimensions with tyres 710/40 R 22.5
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