Strautmann Verti-Mix (Double Auger)

Strautmann Verti-Mix (Double Auger)

All Strautmann range of mixer wagons will allow farmers to save time and cut costs. A uniquely designed ‘stepped’ auger – the Vario2 – speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time. The patented container design at the top container edge provides the Strautmann mixing container with additional rigidity.

The fodder mixing wagons of the Verti-Mix Double series particularly excel by their high mixing capacity, while maintaining compact dimensions. Based upon the single auger vertical mixers, which are known for their gentle and quick mixing, the Verti-Mix Double is equipped with two vertical Vario mixing augers.

  • Usable mixing capacity of 12.0 – 30.5 m³.
  • Capacity expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments.
  • 50 – 180 cows per container filling.
  • Power required from 50 – 135 horsepower.

The Strautman range of mixer wagons are extremely versatile. All Verti-Mix mixer wagons can be fully configured to meet individual farm requirements. If you would like more details on the software/options available to you, please let our sales department know.

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Specification for VM 2401 Double
Mixing capacity: 24 m³
Height: 2.98 metres
Thickness of container wall: 8 mm
Thickness of bottom plate: 20 mm
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