Trimble EZ-Pilot

Trimble EZ-Pilot

The EZ-Pilot is a more integrated assisted steering solution than the EZ-Steer. It fits directly to the steering column, controlling the steering using an electric motor and taking its guidance from select Trimble displays.

The EZ-Pilot works with an optional foot-switch, so you can engage the steering without touching your display. With a wide variety of vehicles supported, the EZ-Pilot assisted steering system is an ideal solution for your Massey Ferguson tractor.


  • Hands-free guidance allows one-hundred percent focus on the task.
  • The Trimble EZ-Pilot mounts directly onto the steering column – allowing for a clutter free cab.
  • When manual steering is necessary you can quickly disengage the Trimble EZ-Pilot system.


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Compatible with the following Trimble displays
CFX-750 Lite
Alternative Models

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