Teagle began in the early nineteen-twenties, near Truro in Cornwall by William Thomas Teagle. Tom, as he was known, started by manufacturing machines he’d be able to use on his own farm. This soon expanded out to farms in the local area.

Today however, Teagle manufacture the market leading ‘Tomahawk’ range of livestock Feeder Bedders, plus many other types of machinery making up the full Teagle range.

From Teagle’s outset, their machinery has been designed to be simple, robust and simple to use. Today they still stand by those values but by also incorporating cutting edge design techniques and consistent quality and production control, they have been able to take their range to the next level.

Here are a few of the machines which Teagle offer:

  • Toppers | Finishing Mowers | Flail Mowers | Roller Mowers
  • Fertiliser Spreaders
  • Muck Spreaders
  • Power Harrow | Disc Harrow

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